Dot Com Not Listed in Regional Yahoo? Don’t Despair!

If you’re a non-American business with a .Com web deal with, and your regional Yahoo rating is vital to you, then my story may interest you.

Recently my copywriting website dropped out of Yahoo’s Australian rankings. For pretty a while, it were at #1 for my primary key phrases “advertising copywriter”, “copywriter”, and “website copywriter”. But then it all at once disappeared. I clicked thru about 10 pages of outcomes, and it turned into nowhere to be visible. I then looked for my domain, and Yahoo couldn’t locate it.

Something smelt fishy.

I’d completed not anything ‘naughty’ to my site to warrant a ban, and I nevertheless had thousands of links to my site (surely, I had extra than ever earlier than).

I’m an Australian advertising copywriter. I’m based just north of Sydney and I host my website with a main Australian host. But my net cope with is a .Com, no longer a .Au. I commenced wondering this might be the trouble.

So I emailed Yahoo assist, explaining the trouble, and sharing my thoughts on the motive.

And all of a unexpected, nothing happened.

So I waited. And I waited. And I waited. And subsequently, after approximately multiple weeks, I obtained an email from a Yahoo assist consultant informing me – incorrectly – that my key-word wasn’t featured in my page name or description. I ought to treatment this shortcoming and re-post my website to Yahoo.

Frustrated, I spoke back. I repeated the critical facts from the primary electronic mail simply to make sure they’d listened. They hadn’t. They hadn’t even looked for my domain to verify that Yahoo no longer regarded it.

When they got returned to me this time, they had started out paying a chunk greater interest. The help rep showed my suspicion that Yahoo had excluded my website due to its .Com URL. Her very beneficial solution become that I must exchange my area to .Au! She covered a few ridiculously complex commands for a way to achieve this, and sent me on my merry way.

As you would possibly assume, I wasn’t glad. Nor turned into I merry. I explained to her that this changed into not an appropriate answer because all the links to my web page at the net are pointing to the .Com and my e-mail deal with makes use of the .Com.

She become unmoved. She asserted that this changed into the pleasant and handiest way to resolve the hassle. Oh… and it might help if I delivered my primary key-word to my title and outline.

My laughter changed into no longer good humoured! I wrote back expressing my displeasure at this “answer”. I painstakingly defined how Yahoo had made a mistake, and that if Google changed into capable of recognising my Australian commercial enterprise regardless of its .Com addresses, I would suppose it’s technically viable. I also cited numerous other .Coms in the first couple of pages of Australian effects.

No response.

The state of affairs didn’t look promising…

If this feels like a acquainted tale to you, don’t melancholy. A week or two later, I searched Yahoo Australia for my number one keyword, and wonder, surprise… My website turned into ranked number 1 again!

The moral to the tale? Don’t be intimidated by means of Yahoo. Trust your instincts and don’t give up. If you’re an Australian enterprise with a .Com, and you’re not indexed in Australian searches, this might be why. In truth, I would think this tale is relevant to all regional Yahoos. (Of route, before making any accusations, it’s an amazing concept to ensure your web page is properly optimised and that you have plenty of inbound links.)

Anyway, that’s my tale. I desire it facilitates a person.

And all of them lived happily ever after. So some distance at least…


The End.

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